Bring your fleet into the future

Boost your business with the most powerful last mile delivery system.

Bring your fleet into the future

The perfect solution for the future of deliveries

See how you can boost your business by taking advantages of the state of the art technologies applied to your fleet.

Your fleet in a nutshell

Take control over the delivery experience with real-time tracking, delivery notifications, flexible delivery windows, and instant communication with drivers and customers.

Do maintenance in the right way

Your fleet always available, one single tool for proactive and scheduled maintenance, with real time alerts in case of crashes.

Dynamic route optimization

Maximize your fleet capacity with shorter routes using AI for cost-effective route planning, cutting down by 90% the planning time.

KPI’s & Dashboard

Advanced analytics capabilities will measure key delivery metrics, and identify opportunities to further increase route density and delivery efficiency.

The most complete delivery system for a 5-star customer experience

GoTraxx brings you and your customers to the best in class technology experience, to control the entire process with a real time notification system and with an updated dashboard, to ensure in a single suite, all the features for the daily activities and for real time effective controlling tools.

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